ICON SCHOOL with Christine Hales

Improve your painting skills and learn how to paint icons!

The aim of this Icon school is to provide solid and foundational teaching in the spiritual discipline of Icon painting (writing). The classes teach both how to paint icons and how to engage prayerfully in the practice of icon painting. In these uncertain times, these classes are blessing many people with the ability to focus on God through painting icons.  This strengthens us spiritually as well as provides a beautiful icon to give or exhibit in our community to benefit many others as well.

       Live and Pre- Recorded

Offered live online through Zoom, these icon painting classes teach painting with egg tempera and natural pigments in the Byzantine tradition. Each live class is recorded and made available for students for their personal use to review and play back in their own time.

These Icon painting classes are taught in sequence but you can take them in any order you prefer. 

  • Beginning with the foundations of icon painting in the Good Shepherd Class:This class teaches the Greek Tetrakromatikon method of color mixing. We paint the Good Shepherd Icon using the four basic colors. Drawing and Color Model are supplied . Color Mixing 101                               
  •  Continuing with The Archangel Raphael Class, This class builds on Color Mixing 101 by introducing value and tonal scales. There are demonstrations of how to apply this to icon painting and specifically to the Icon of Saint Raphael, Patron Saint of Healing, that we are painting in this class.                                                                         
  • Madonna and Child, the classic Icon of loving tenderness, and the proplasmos method of Icon Painting.  There are two main approaches to painting Icons- the proplasmos method, and the membrane method. Ideally, an iconographer is familiar with both methods and can use them when needed. In this class we are demonstrating the  puddle and pull, or play technique and using this to paint our Madonna and Child Icon - the model for this is the Andre Rublev Madonna .                                                                                                         
  • Face of Christ Icon: We are studying the proportions of the face and the membrane method in this class. The student will learn basic facial proportions and how to use the membrane method for the Holy Face of Christ Icon. Ideally an iconographer can choose which method to use in the icons they are painting. It's important to practice each method as they all come in handy at times!
  • Saint George Icon: This class adds more colors to the iconographer's palette, expanding on the basic four colors taught in previous classes. We also talk more about color and light in the icons- how iconographic light is different from natural light. Very popular class!
  • Christ Enthroned Icon: Sacred Geometry is the subject we cover in this class. The Christ enthroned icon beautifully demonstrates some of the very important principles of sacred geometry inherent in the icon. This class is a must for those who wish to draw their own icons!
  • Saint John the Evangelist Icon: Drawing the face in Icons. Everyone needs more practice drawing facial features!  This class provides the opportunity to see clearly how iconographic noses, eyes, mouths are formed differently than naturalistically portrayed ones are. Super Important!
  • The Baptism of Jesus Icon: In this class we focus on drawing hands and feet correctly in this beautiful icon that is often used in the celebration of Epiphany.
  • Sacred Geometry in Composition with the Apocalyptic Archangel Michael Icon. We focus on the spiritual flow in the icon's composition and enjoy mixing new colors into our palette.
  • Holy Trinity Icon writing class we focus on creating luminous, ethereal veils of color and highlights as Rublev did in his original icon.


  • What is the class schedule for a live zoom class?

    Four Days of ONLINE ZOOM classes: Morning Session 9am-10:30 Am Afternoon Session 2PM-3:30PM

  • What if I have to work or can't make a class?

    At the end of each session, the recorded class is posted on this website, so it's easy to review or catch up while taking the class. Students have lifetime access to classes.

  • DO I have to take the Pre-Recorded classes in order?

    No, you can take them in any order you like. Remember to sign in to the student FB group so you can submit photos and receive feedback or ask questions. The group is called: online Icon Students and is only open to Christine's students.

These are foundation classes for anyone wishing to learn how to Paint icons. They are excellent for beginners and more advanced students!